The slicedlime fan server is a Minecraft 1.12.2 survival multiplayer server where the slicedlime community can gather and play together.

About the server

The server is meant for us to play and have fun together, which means it’s a PvE server running a “default” Minecraft world type in Normal difficulty mode. There are two non-standard things on the server:

  • Improved sleeping: During nights, only 25% of the players currently in the overworld need to sleep in order to skip to the next day.
  • Non-members are spectators. If you connect to the server without being a member, you will be put into spectator mode.

There are also several teams on the server, so you can recognize people from their nickname color:

  • Green – slicedlime. Only I have this color.
  • Blue – Server moderators. These people have the power to whitelist and to ban, and are tasked with enforcing the rules.
  • Gold – Patrons! People supporting me on Patreon and as such help fund the server get their name displayed in gold.
  • White – Server Members – everyone who is playing on the server and who doesn’t have one of the colors above.

The Rules

These rules are here to make sure everyone has a good time. Break any rule and you risk a merciless ban with no chance for appeal, regardless of your status.

  1. No spam. Spamming chat will not be tolerated.
  2. No griefing. Destroying other players creations, spamming their creations with blocks or any other griefing method are strictly forbidden.
  3. No stealing. Even if a chest isn’t locked doesn’t mean you can help yourself to its contents. It’s awesome if people make community farms or storages – just be considerate!
  4. No cheating. Exploiting duping glitches to gain blocks or items, using x-ray techniques or client-side hacks is not allowed. Note that TNT duping is allowed as it does not give you possession of any duplicated items.
  5. Ask when claiming land. If you want to start building somewhere and someone has already built something nearby – ask before you start. There’s an endless amount of space on the server, so if someone has grand plans for an area don’t mess them up by placing your cottage in the middle of it.
  6. Mark your land. When you build something, put up a sign with your name somewhere at the entrance or reasonably visible. If others are expected to ask you to become your neighbors, they need to know who you are!
  7. No base building at spawn. Spawn is a common area meant for everyone. Feel free to build there, but build your base somewhere else – at least 256 blocks away. Spawn is 275/-125, you do the math.
  8. No private farms at spawn. Only public farms are allowed in spawn – same distance applies as the previous rule.
  9. No mass-claiming of land at spawn. Everyone should be allowed to build at spawn. If you need tons of space for a build, build somewhere else.
  10. Keep chat clean. Swearing once in a while is okay, but crude jokes about sexual intercourse with someone’s mother and such have no place on the server, and you do not need to swear every sentence to communicate. Sexist or racist jokes are not welcome here.
  11. Listen to the operators. If an operator asks you to stop something, stop it. They are here to make sure this community remains a great place to be. If you have a problem with something the moderators ask of you, bring it up with slicedlime.
  12. Be nice. Above all, just be friendly to people. That way, we all have a much better time!

Getting access

So how do you get access? The only guaranteed way to get access is to support me and the server on Patreon. Becoming a Patron gives you access to the fan server, and also gives you a golden name tag on the server, showing everyone that you are one of the heroes keeping the server running!

If you don’t want to (or can’t) become a Patron, don’t worry. All hope is not lost – you can still apply to join the server. Which of these applications are accepted and when depends entirely on how the server is doing and when there is space – there are no guarantees.

Names will generally be picked at random when new members are being chosen, and your name will stay in the draw even if you aren’t picked.

To send in your application, fill in this form.

Server details

Want to have a look around, or already a member? Point your Minecraft towards