Monthly Archives: December 2017

Bad News

Some bad news to share today, folks. My editing laptop that I bought pretty recently for quite a lot of money refuses to start this morning – looks like it doesn’t even charge. Last night I did most of the final editing on this week’s Entrapment Championship game on it… and what’s worse, most of the source material for the remaining games is stuck on that machine.

So that means no Entrapment Championship video today, and I also don’t know exactly when those videos can even resume 🙁

It also really messes with my ability to edit stuff normally for the channel, so you might see a decrease in frequency of videos on the channel while I try to get this sorted. The computer is less than 3 months old, so it really should be covered under warranty, but who knows how they deal with that or how long time it’ll take…. and I’m incredibly afraid they’ll mess up something with the disk drive in the process.

I’ll do my best to find some way to edit regular videos, but can’t make many promises.

Edit: OMG! Sranine (my gf) managed to somehow get it running! I don’t even want to know how much animal blood was shed, nor which dark Gods I now owe favors. Got everything vital onto my backup drive at least now…

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