I’ve made several maps for Minecraft, all available for free download both on this site and on Planet Minecraft.

If you play these maps, please consider leaving a diamond on the Planet Minecraft project page, leaving a like on the YouTube video for the map, or just leaving a comment telling me what you thought.

I put a lot of effort into these maps, and appreciate hearing from players!


This is a Player vs Player map with a remarkable twist – you will never directly battle the enemy team. Instead – you get to set traps, switching between two identical arenas while gathering up resources and avoiding enemy traps! My biggest project by far to date and featuring arenas made by me, Maloma, minerfreak951 and _Alex2001_!

The lobby also features as an art gallery, featuring paintings made by my late mother. She was an artist who left us far too early due to cancer, and this map is dedicated to her.

Download the map here, and if you’re going to run it on a server, point the resource pack address in the server config to

You can also check the map out the map in other places!

Build-off Parkour

In this multiplayer competitive parkour map you take turns either trying to complete a route or adding blocks to it. The first one to complete the route wins – but be careful, you only have 3 attempts.

Features a custom command block setup that enforces the game rules, and more than 20 custom arenas. The arena for the game is selected randomly at the start of the game.

Download the map here or check out the Planet Minecraft project page.

Stay In Line – 2D Minecraft

A Minecraft challenge map where you only get two coordinates – X and Y. You’ll need to live your life in two dimensions. Can you survive the challenge?

Also works in Multiplayer, where each player gets their own line to live in. Cooperation is difficult, but rewarding!

Download a schematic for this challenge here, or a map with it pre-installed here. You can also check out the Planet Minecraft project page.

Minecraft Chess

Two-player Chess game for Vanilla Minecraft, played on an 8×8 block board using armor stands as the pieces and a ton of command blocks for the logic!

Download the map here, or check out the Planet Minecraft project page.

This is also the very first video I made!

If you’re interested in how it works, check out the Behind the scenes playlist.

A Minecrafter called Mark3146 has also made a skinned Star Wars-theme version of the Chess map. Check it out here.