AGDQ Bingo

AGDQ is awesome, but there just isn’t enough interactivity and participation… so go donate – and then play AGDQ bingo with me!

“[Dev], fix your game!” Game hangs Not enough headsets for couch Death Warp Shameless plug for twitch channel
“Whoa!” Someone sings on stream Runner’s family member on couch Product placement in game Game louder than commentary
Hardware malfunction Unreadable cell phone held up to camera “That’s never happened before” Player switch mid-run Failed run
Frame-perfect trick works first time Run gets called a Let’s Play Donation comment about announcer’s voice “Kappa” Sexual innuendo
Graphics so glitched you can’t see the game Punny donation comment $10000+ donation Developer joins on Skype Save glitch

If you’d rather print the game – here’s a PDF.