What’s New in Minecraft Java Edition 1.14 – The Village & Pillage Update?

Today, The Village and Pillage Update – Minecraft Java Edition 1.14 will release. This video is a comprehensive guide to all of the news and changes in this update.

0:00 – Intro
1:44 – Villages
8:07 – Pillaging
13:38 – Village Blocks
21:15 – Blocks & Items
22:44 – Gameplay
31:47 – Mobs
39:53 – Worlds
40:40 – Visuals
42:16 – Sounds
47:47 – Advancements
48:49 – User Commands
49:40 – User Interface & Accessibility
52:18 – Outro

Full changelog:

– New village layouts
– Plains, Desert, Savanna, Taiga, Snowy
– Zombie versions
– New villager styles per biomes – biome set at spawn
– Includes villagers for swamps and jungles
– Look combines from profession and biome using a new skin system
– Villager level shown in belt
– Villagers now spawn nitwits or unemployed, get profession from a POI block
– POI block runthrough
– Armorer: Blast furnace
– Butcher: Smoker
– Cartographer: Cartography table
– Cleric: Brewing stand
– Farmer: Composter
– Fisherman: Barrel
– Fletcher: Fletching table
– Letherworker: Cauldron
– Librarian: Lectern
– Mason: Stonecutter
– Shepherd: Loom
– Toolsmith: Smithing table
– Weaponsmith: Grindstone
– Villagers now have a daily routine involving their bed, their work site and the village meeting point
– When they work, they make a sound as if using the block
– When they meet other villages, they share gossip
– Villagers now sleep
– Baby villagers now have playing behaviors – playing tag and jumping on beds
– Trading revamp
– Villagers now have a level and experience
– Selling items to villager gives villager more XP than buying items
– New trades open on level-up
– Trades lock after 6-8 trades
– Locked trades now only unlock when villager works at work site, max 2 times per day
– Prices are no longer random, but fixed base price modified by reputation and demand
– All the trades in separate video
– New trading interface
– Zombiefied Villagers retain Xp, level and trades when converted
– Iron golem spawning changed
– 5 villagers meeting and sharing gossip can spawn a golem
– Villager being hurt by a zombie has a higher chance of spawning a golem

– Ravager
– Ram attack that does 3.5, 6 and 9 hearts of damage on easy, normal and hard.
– 50% they get stunned when blocked by a shield – followed by Roar attack for up to 3 hearts of damage, knockback
– 50% chance at knockback resistance
– Can break leaf blocks
– 50 hearts of health (100 points)
– Drop 1 saddle when killed
– Pillager – a pillaging illager type
– Spawn with crossbows, shots do 2 hearts (2.5 on hard)
– Hostile to players, villagers and iron golems
– 12 hearts of health (24 health points)
– Drop emeralds, higher chance at higher looting levels
– Pillager outposts:
– Spawn location for pillagers
– Loot chests
– crossbows, wheat, potatoes, carrots, dark oak logs, xp bottles, string, arrow, tripwire hook, enchanted book
– Patrols
– Spawn on the surface during daytime in plains, taiga, desert, savanna biomes, starting on day 5 in-game
– Made up of roughly 80% pillagers, 20% vindicators – more mobs the higher the local difficulty
– Captains
– Banners – unobtainably many layers
– Bad omen
– Stacks up one from killing a captain
– Max stack: 5
– Lasts 5 in-game days
– Raids
– Entering a village with bad omen causes a raid to start
– Each person that brings Bad Omen into the village will increase the Bad Omen level
– Higher level means higher chance that enemies will have enchanted weapons
– Difficulty now determines number of waves: Easy: 3 Normal: 5 Hard: 7
– Pillagers spawn in all waves
– Vindicators spawn in waves 2 and 4+
– Witches spawn in waves 4 and 7
– Evokers will spawn in waves 5-7
– Ravagers spawn in waves 3, 5 and two in wave 7
– Raiders now move door-to-door trying to find villagers
– Vindicators can now break down doors
– Raids end with a Victory or Defeat message
– Villagers will celebrate victories with fireworks
– Raiders will celebrate victories with jumping animations and celebratory sounds
– Hero of the Village effect for clearing a raid
– Lasts ~2 in-game days
– Lowers the cost of trades
– Makes villagers throw items at you, depending on profession
– Armorer: All types of chainmail armor
– Butcher: Cooked rabbit, chicken, porkchops, beef, mutton
– Cartographer: Map, paper
– Cleric: Redstone, lapis
– Farmer: Bread, pumpkin pie, cookie
– Fisherman: Cod, salmon
– Fletcher: Arrows (common), Arrow of speed, slowness, strength, healing, harming, leaping, regeneration, fire resistance, water breathing, invisibility, night vision, weakness, poison (rare)
– Leatherworker: Leather
– Librarian: Book
– Mason: Clay
– Shepherd: Any color of wool
– Toolsmith: Stone pickaxe, axe, shovel, hoe
– Weaponsmith: Stone, gold or iron axe
– Babies: Poppies

Village Blocks:
– Loom for crafting banners
– Only one dye item is used up for any pattern
– Banners can no longer be patterned using normal crafting
– Banner patterns crafted from paper and imprint item
– Oxeye daisy, creeper skull, wither skeleton skull, enchanted golden apple
– Globe banner pattern can only be bought from cartographer trading
– Grindstone for combining items
– Crafted from planks, sticks and a stone slab
– Removed enchants from items, refunding some XP
– Stone cutter crafted from three stone blocks and an iron ingots
– Lets you quickly craft stone materials like stairs, slabs and so on
– Including multi-step crafts like crafting stone brick stairs from stones
– Gives one stair for each input
– Makes stairs, slabs walls and derivate block types
– Inputs: Cobblestone, all types of stone and polished stone, sandstone, bricks and nether bricks, quartz, all types of prismarine, end stone, end stone bricks and mossy variants
– Barrels crafted from planks and slabs
– Work as chests, but can be opened regardless of blocks around them
– Show opening “animations”
– Blast furnaces crafted from smooth stone, furnace and iron ingots
– 2 x faster smelting, but only for ores
– Use up fuel twice as fast
– Smokers made crafted from logs and a furnace
– 2 x faster cooking, but only for food
– Use up fuel twice as fast
– Cartography table crafted from planks and papers
– Clones, extends and locks map
– Glass pane produces a map that doesn’t update
– Lectern crafted from wood slabs and book shelf
– Holds a book, viewable by multiple players
– Flipping a page produces a redstone pulse
– Comparators can measure the reading progress in the book
– Composter crafted from planks and fences
– Converts organic matter to bonemeal
– Compostable items, 30% chance:
– Leaves
– Saplings
– All types of seeds
– Grass
– Sweet berries
– Kelp & dried kelp
– Sea grass
– 50% chance:
– Dried kelp blocks
– Tall grass
– Cactus
– Sugar cane
– Vines
– Melon slices
– 65% chance:
– Wheat
– Lily pads
– Sea pickles
– Melons
– Uncarved and carved Pumpkins
– Apples
– Beetroots
– Carrots
– Potatoes (not poisonous)
– Cocoa beans
– Both types of mushrooms
– All types of flowers and ferns
– Mushroom & mushroom stem blocks
85% chance:
– Hay blocks
– Bread
– Cookies
– Baked potatoes
100% chance:
– Cake & pumpkin pie
– Works with hoppers & droppers
– Smithing table crafted from planks and iron ingots
– No in-game functionality
– Fletching table crafted from planks and flint
– No in-game functionality
– Bells – spawn in villages, sold by villagers
– Rings when right-clicked or shot by projectiles
– Resonates to highlight raider mobs nearby for a short while
– Camp fire crafted from logs, coal and sticks
– Fireplace without spread
– Light source
– Can cook up to 4 pieces of food, 3 times slower than furnace
– Creates smoke particles – particles stay longer if campfire is placed above hay block – smoke pillar approximately 22 blocks up
– Extinguished by pouring water on them or splash water bottles, relit by flint and steel or fire charge
– Lit fireplace hurts – 0.5 hearts repeating fire damage.
– Doesn’t burn items
– Lantern – light source crafted from iron nuggets and a torch
– Placeable under or on top of a block
– Slightly brighter than a torch

Blocks & Items:
– Bamboo (18w43a)
– Crop that grows in jungles, can be fished, can be found in jungle temple and shipwreck chests
– Max height of 12-16 blocks
– Grows one or two blocks per bonemeal application
– Instantly mined by swords
– Usable as smelting fuel – 4 bamboo smelts one item
– Crafted into sticks
– Can be placed into flower pot
– Scaffolding, crafted from bamboo and string
– Can be stacked by placing at bottom
– Breaking bottom block breaks entire stack
– Can be climbed up and down by going inside
– Limit to how far out from a column they can hang
– Smooth stone – full stone slab texture, smelted from stone
– Smooth (red) sandstone, quartz – smelted from non-smooth
– including slabs, stairs
– Slabs and stairs of: Stone, Granite, Smooth granite, Andesite, Smooth andesite, Diorite, Smooth diorite, mossy stone bricks, Mossy cobblestone, Red nether bricks
– Slabs of cut sandstone, cut red sandstone
– Walls of: Granite, Diorite, Andesie, Sandstone, Red sandstone, Bricks, Stone bricks, Mossy stone bricks, Nether bricks, Red nether bricks, End stone bricks, Prismarine
– Sign types for each type of wood
– Text on sign can be dyed using a piece of dye
– Berry bushes (18w49a)
– Found in taiga, taiga hills, taiga mountains, rarer in snowy versions of those biomes
– Four growth stages: sapling, no berries, some berries, full berries
– Has thorns that hurt when you move through them and slows movement, when grown past first stages
– Drops berries when broken – 1-2 berries or 2-3 berries when fully grown – more with fortune
– Can right-click to pick berries without breaking bush
– Bonemeal accelerates growth. If bonemealed past the last growh stage, berries pop off
– Sweet berries (18w49a)
– Restores 1 hunger bar when eaten
– Usable on grass or dirt to plant a berry bushes
– Cornflower – a blue flower, generates in plains and flower forests
– Lily of the valley – a white flower, generates in forests, birch forests, roofed forests and flower forests
– Wither rose – a black flower that gets planted whenever a wither kills a mob
– Applies a wither effects to mobs that step on it
– Dyes have been split from other items and unified
– White dye, crafted from bonemeal or lilys of the valley
– Black dye, crafted from ink sacs or wither roses
– Brown dye, crafted from cocoa beans
– Blue dye, crafter from lapis lazuli or cornflower
– Red, yellow and green dyes renamed
– Suspicious stew: Mushroom stew with an added flower restores three bars of hunger and gives a potion effect (not shown on the item) – can also be found in buried treasure chests:
– Cornflower: Jump boost
– Dandelion, Blue Orchid: Saturation
– Poppy: Speed
– Allium: Fire Resistance
– Azure Bluet: Blindness
– Any tulip: Weakness
– Oxeye daisy: Regeneration
– Lily of the Valley: Poison
– Wither Rose: Wither
– Crossbow weapon – crafted from iron, sticks, string and tripwire hook
– Slightly higher power than a bow
– Hold use button to load, click again to fire
– Loaded with projectile from off-hand or arrow from inventory
– Can be loaded with arrows, spectral arrows, tipped arrows or fireworks
– Hovering a crossbow item will display what projectile it has loaded
– New crossbow enchants:
– Multishot – Shoot three arrows, one each angled left and right from aim point
– Piercing I-IV – Shoot through X enemies. Cannot be combined with multishot
– Quickcharge I-III – .25 seconds quicker reload per level
– Leather horse armor crafted from leather
– Can be dyed just like leather armor

– Sneaking now lowers the head position to under 1.5 blocks, letting your player fit under a slab
– The pose of the player now adapts to the available space
– You can now climb ladders and scaffolding under water
– Camera fixes
– Walking through transparent blocks no longer causes the camera to jump back and forth
– Particles now show up properly when sleeping in a bed
– You can now see player in bed when in F5 mode
– TNT and TNT minecart explosions now cause 100% of blocks to drop as items
– Falling sand no longer floats over fences and walls
– Dispensers with shears can now shear sheep
– Different types of Protecion enchants can now be stacked onto the same piece of armor or the same book
– Chorus fruit flowers now break when shot by arrows
– Entities travelling through portals load the opposite side for 15 seconds
– Leaves now have a small chance of dropping sticks when destroyed or decaying
– Dead bushes can now be used as furnace fuel
– Stained glass panes can now be crafted from glass panes and dye
– Colored carpet can now be crafted from carpets and dye
– Nether brick fence recipe has changed, now two bricks in the center
– Rabbit stew and beetroot stew recipes are now shapeless

– Wandering trader
– One per world
– Pops up near a player – or near a bell near the player, up to 3 chunks away
– Despawns after 40 minutes
– Six trades, all unlocked up front
– More rare items tend to be in the last trade slot
– Trades never unlock when locked
– For 1 emerald:
– Ferns, sugar canes, pumpkins
– All types of flowers except wither roses
– Wheat, beetroot, pumpkin and melon seeds
– Vines, Both types of mushrooms
– Gunpowder
– 3x any type of dye
– 2x lily pad
– 4x red sand
– 8x sand
– For 2 emeralds:
– Sea pickles, glowstone
– For 3 emeralds:
– Kelp, cactus, all types of coral blocks, podzol, packed ice
– For 4 emeralds:
– Slime balls
– For 5 emeralds:
– Nautilus shells
– All types of saplings
– Fish buckets with tropical fish or pufferfish
– For 6 emeralds:
– Blue ice
– Drinks a potion of invisibility at nightfall
– Drinks a bucket of milk at dawn
– Trader llamas
– Two spawn with each wandering trader
– Unique variation of llama
– Attack hostile mobs that approach
– Pandas
– Spawn in jungle and bamboo jungle
– 20 health points (10 hearts)
– Like to eat bamboo and cake
– 7 different variants: lazy, worried, playful, aggressive, weak, brown, normal – with different looks
– Lazy pandas:
– Lay on their backs, will not follow a player who is holding bamboo while doing so
– Are slower than normal pandas – the slowest land mob in the game
– Worried pandas:
– Avoid the player and most hostile mobs, except slimes, magma cubes, ghasts, shulkers, phantoms and the ender dragon
– Will shake and hide their faces during thunderstorms
– Don’t eat bamboo or cake items on their own
– Playful pandas:
– Roll over and jump around even as adults
– Aggressive pandas:
– Are neutral but will attack players and other mobs when hit
– When nearby pandas are attacked, aggressive pandas will become hostile towards the attacker
– Weak pandas:
– Have 10 health instead of 20.
– Brown pandas:
– Do not have unique personality actions but are brown and white instead of black and white
– Normal pandas – no unique traits
– Can be bred
– Require 8 bamboo blocks in a 5 block radius to breed
– Have two genes – a main and a hidden gene, inherited through a special system
– Baby pandas have a chance of sneezing, which drops a slimeball – higher chance for weak babies
– Drop bamboo when killed
– Cats!
– No longer ocelots
– 9 new variants in the game
– Spawn in villages
– Tamed by holding raw fish like with ocelots before
– Tamed cats’ collar can be dyed
– Tamed cats’ can be healed by giving them raw fish
– Like to jump onto sleeping players
– Bring morning gifts
– Killed cats drop strings
– Cats hiss at phantoms to scare them away
– Ocelots are no longer tameable
– Can be fed fish to make them trusting
– Foxes
– Spawn in taiga and snowy taiga biomes
– Nocturnal – active at night
– Two variant: red fox, snow fox
– Can be bread using sweet berries
– Baby foxes bread by player will trust player
– Trusting foxes will defend you, but will still eat your chickens
– Can carry items in their mouthes, will pick up items but also drop them if they find food items instead
– Will sometimes eat such food items they’re carrying
– Sometimes spawn with an item in their mouth
– Hunt for chickens and rabbits
– Can jump very high, use that to attack prey
– Are hunted by wolves, polar bears
– You may find a fox exploring a nearby village at night
– No drops when killed
– Brown mooshrooms
– Mooshroom babies can mutate into the other type at a chance of 1/1024
– Feeding a brown mooshroom a flower and milking it produces a suspicious stew for the flower type
– Type changes when hit by lightning
– Wither skeletons and zombie pigmen will now walk through lava to chase you
– Endermen now freeze when looked at, and will only give chase one you look away
– Dogs will now attack mobs that you shoot with a projectile
– Mob kills by pets now count as player kills and award rare loot
– Mobs following players holding food items now lose interest much less frequently

– Bamboo jungle, bamboo jungle hills biomes
– The name of world folders created with duplicate names is now World (2) instead of World–
– You can now use pillager_outpost for superflat world presets

– The Texture update!
– Blocks
– Items
– Mobs
– Entities
– Effect icons
– The old style textures are available as a “Programmer Art” resource pack
– Podsol, mycelium, grass paths and infested stone textures now get random rotations
– Lighting engine updated – directional opacity
– Particles now spawn properly from server-side events

– Sound system re-written, more sounds can now reliably play at once
– Raid sounds
– Raid celebrations
– Ravagers, witches, evokers, vindicators and pillagers now have a celebrate sounds
– Pillagers now have a horn version of the celebrate sound
– Bell, resonation
– Barrel opening
– Grindstone
– Stonecutter
– Composter
– Cartography table
– Loom
– Blast furnace
– Smoker
– Campfire
– Cauldron / villager
– Fletching table / villager
– Smithing table / villager
– Lanterns (19w05a)
– Sweet berry bush sounds
– Hurting
– Picked
– Place
– Break
– Wandering trader
– Appearing
– Disappearing
– Being hurt
– Dying
– Accepting a trade
– Denying a trade
– Different idle sounds depending on if they are busy or not
– Drinking potions & disappearing
– Drinking milk & reappearing
– Pandas
– Different idle sounds depending on if aggressive, relaxed or worried
– Biting
– Eating
– Refusing to breed
– Being about to sneeze
– Sneezing
– Being hurt
– Dying
– Fox sounds
– Aggressive sounds
– Screeching
– Bite
– Dying
– Eating
– Hurt
– Idling
– Sleeping
– Sniffing
– Spitting
– Mooshroom
– Convert
– Eat
– Milked – “Mooshroom gets milked suspiciously” subtitle
– New noteblock types
– Iron – Iron Xylophone
– Soul sand – Cow Bell
– Pumpkin – Didgeridoo
– Emerald Block – Bit
– Hay lock – Banjo
– Glowstone – Pling
– Flip book page
– New sounds for placing and breaking crops and nether wart

– Ol’ Betsy – Shoot a crossbow
– Arbalistic – Kill five unique mobs with one crossbow shot
– Two birds, one arrow – Kill two phantoms with a piercing arrow
– Who’s the Pillager Now? – Give a Pillager a taste of their own medicine
– A Complete Catalogue – Tame all types of cats
– A Balanced Diet now also requires Suspicious Stew and Sweet Berries
– Two by Two now also requires breeding cats, pandas, foxes
– How did we get here? now requires Bad Omen and Hero of the Village
– Polar bears have been removed from Monster Hunter and Monsters Hunted

User Commands:
– /locate now supports Pillager_Outpost as an option
– /teammsg or /tm to send a message to everyone on your team

User interface:
– New book and quill interface, lets you edit text, select, copy/paste
– Increased max book length to 100 pages
– Text on signs can now be edited while the interface is open
– Items now list their tags in the creative menu
– You can now search by tag in the creative menu
– Report bug and give feedback buttons added to the in-game menu
– The VBO setting has been permanently removed since the rendering engine has changed
– Splash screen when loading game
– Loading screen now shows the area loading
– Mouse settings screen in options with sensitivity settings

– There’s now an accessibility menu, with a button in the main menu
– Narration now works in game menus
– In-game menu screens can now be navigated using the keyboard only using tab, shift-tab, arrow buttons
– Background opacity of text elements can now be adjusted